Air, Noise & Odour Pollution

Environ India also engaged in designing, manufacturing, supplying & installation of Industrial Pollution Control Systems. Environ India can provide a full suite of complementary engineering services for facilities and applications. We can partner for your Process Design Services and Field & Site Services.

Process Design are those services related to conceptual process design and detailed process design. Conceptual process design relates to the front-end planning of a project and includes design basis, feasibility studies as well as technical and financial evaluations. Detail design delves into process flow, system analysis and equipment selection and specification.

Field and Site Services encompass operations support, compliance and energy audits. Operation support looks at system optimization, capacity assessment, personnel training, HAZOP as well as start-up and commissioning support. Dealing with permit issues, changes in processes constituents and volume, as well as testing are handled as part of compliance services. Energy audits provide an assessment of site and/or system efficiency and offer recommendations on improvements.

Environ India core competencies lie in its design and application engineering capabilities catering to specific requirements of its clients. Environ India proven commitment to quality and service is manifested in the high satisfaction levels expressed by its clients.

The Environ India has a large, well-trained application & sales engineering team, consisting of engineers from various disciplines. They can undertake a complete study, right from feasibility analysis to making the optimal techno-commercial proposal.

This is backed by engineering, project management and construction capabilities of the highest order, to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Engineering Services, Design Services, Conceptual Process Design Services

Design Basis Development

We can help establish goals and requirements for a potential new facility or plant expansion. This can include development of project specifications for issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Process Feasibility Studies

Environ india engineers can assist in determining potential improvements to plant process operations or additional production capacity. Because many processes are so energy-intensive, the wide-range of technology partners and knowledge affords GCES the ability to consider a many different possibilities to maximize operational efficiencies.

Technical and Economic Evaluations

With the use of a Cost of Ownership (COO) comparison, Environ indiais able to compare many different equipment technologies economically while considering maintenance and replacement costs.

Detailed Process Design Services

Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)

Environ India can generate a PFD to depict a Process Flow throughout a facility or production line. This may involve simulation and or mass and energy balances.

Process Controls Designs

Control system design is very important to process equipment functionality, efficiency, and dependability. Environ India can provide needed flexibilities of a good process control design while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

A more detailed version of a PFD, a P&ID incorporates the process piping with equipment and instrumentation. Environ India is able to provide P&IDs that establish the baseline for detailed project designs.

Process Equipment Specifications

Once the process equipment has been selected, GCES can provide detailed design requirements for the equipment so that it fills the needs and goals of a particular project.

Process Equipment Detailed Drawings

From the General Arrangement to the Foundation drawing, environ india can provide detailed fabrication drawings in Imperial or Metric for main process equipment and peripheral equipment.

Operations and Compliance

Environ india can provide a full range of field and site services in addition to the equipment upgrades, modifications, and replacement offered by the environ india Service Department.

Operations Support Services

Regulatory Basis Development

Understanding Air and Water Pollution permits is important to maintaining a compliant facility. Environ India can provide site support analyzing operational practices in order to best comply with existing or future operating permits.

Debottlenecking & Capacity Evaluations

As part of the field support activities, Environ India can make recommendations to improve the operational efficiency of the process equipment. Many Thermal Oxidizers, Scrubbers, or Ovens operate out-of-tune that can cost thousands of dollars in excess utility consumption and possible regulatory fines and penalties.

On-Site Operator and Engineering Staff Training

Many companies have staff members that move on to other positions. With a lot of that operating knowledge moving on, Environ India can fill in the gaps by providing formalized training on-site to allow the safest and most efficient operation of process equipment.

Commissioning & Startup Assistance

Whether it is Burner adjustments or PLC programming, Environ India has the capability to assist in equipment commissioning to ensure fully effective and safe operation.

Hazard Assessments

Environ India can provide process equipment safety reviews and Hazard & Operability (HAZOP) meetings to ensure considerations have been made in the design to address Cause & Effects of a wide range of conditions.

Environmental Compliance Support Services

Emissions Estimating

Based on the throughput and effectiveness of the process equipment, Environ India can provide an estimate of emissions from a particular facility or process line.

Permit Preparation Support

We can assist and provide the necessary information required to obtain Construction and Operating Permits for new environmental control equipment.

Obtaining Permits

Through 3rd party partner companies, Environ india can expedite and obtain permits from regulatory authorities.

Compliance Testing

Environ India can provide testing services on new or existing equipment. Applicable EPA testing methods are followed.

Design Services

Conceptual Process Design Services

Environ India provides comprehensive air quality services, from initial facility planning to source retirement. Our technical professionals have the experience in air quality regulations to successfully complete permitting and compliance for a variety of emission sources. We offer the following air quality modeling and management services:

  • Development of emission inventories as per MOEF /CPCB/SPCB emission inventory development protocols
  • Air quality prediction for upcoming and planned developments such as industrial projects, highways, ports and harbors, and airports
  • Adequacy of the stack heights will be assessed based on a detailed air quality modeling for various metrological conditions and suitable stack height or alternative mitigation measures will be suggested
  • Regional scale air quality impact assessment studies including ground level ozone modeling and ambient compliance
  • Carrying capacity studies for urban and industrial zones to establish bubble limits and strategic air quality management plans

Design Basis Development

Establishing the wrong design basis could have a severe impact in both the financial projections as well as the credibility of your organization. We are the advisor who can provide authoritative, proven solutions who can not only strengthen your team and plan for the expected, but also who can help you optimize and see the unexpected to control that issue from propagating.

Planning begins with the selection of a low-noise process and a suitable location for a production facility. We not only provide assistance with licensing and permit applications; we also help design air, odor and noise abatement measures for existing production processes. Our services allow you to meet all the pertinent legal requirements without having to invest in your own resources.

  • Design of air, odor and noise abatement measures on the basis of measured or forecast emission data
  • Primary air, odor and noise protection, for example appropriate design of control valves
  • Secondary air, odor and noise protection
  • Design of air, odor and noise-reducing equipment such as silencers, optional procurement organization, acceptance at manufacturer, erection coordination and final acceptance after commissioning (effectiveness testing)

Process Feasibility studies

Our work focuses on project impact assessments, permitting, monitoring, compliance, and due diligence assessments for a variety of projects. Our team has seen projects from Feasibility Studies through Planning and Environmental Impact Assessments to Construction Management and Integrated Pollution Control Licensing allowing Environ India to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of a Project. Our practical experience spans Site Suitability Assessments for domestic dwellings to full environmental assessments on major infrastructural projects. So, whether you are planning a development project, or need support in obtaining or ensuring compliance with a License

Technical and Economic Evaluation

We help to successfully steer plans. And our economic analysis and evaluation brings a true understanding of the long-term benefits and management needs of developments. We envisage, the preparation of EIRs would form part of the feasibility studies of projects, on a part with technical evaluations and economic cost benefit analyses.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Environ India can evaluate your existing equipment and recommend upgrades that can enhance system performance or capacity. Many of our scrubbing and thermal treatment systems are retrofit-ready, and our team of field technicians can expertly handle any necessary upgrade. With Environ India retrofits and upgrades, it’s convenient and cost-effective to improve your equipment, remove performance bottlenecks, decrease maintenance, and stay compliant with new and changing emissions requirements and pollution regulations.

  • Capacity Increases The newest tower packing from Environ India offers:
    • Increased throughput
    • Lower pressure drop
    • Easy retrofits
  • Column Fouling In some applications, packed towers are unreliable due to fouling from insoluble particulate, reaction by-products, chemical scaling, or bacterial growth. Environ India can help you easily convert to a fluidized bed scrubber design to solve these problems while increasing removal efficiency.
  • Particulate Removal If your industry faces new or more stringent requirements for particulate removal, requiring more effective equipment for fine particulate matter, Environ India can help. We offer a variety of upgrades and retrofits that can improve the performance of your existing equipment, providing a cost-effective alternative to a new system design.
  • Process Changes If your facility makes process changes, or if you must comply with regulatory changes, Environ India can help make any necessary adjustments to your pollution control equipment. Our team of qualified chemical engineers and environmental engineers can evaluate your existing pollution control, thermal treatment, and process equipment and recommend changes, retrofits, or upgrades based on your unique situation and needs.


Air Pollution

  1. Fabric Filtrations
  2. Cyclones

Electro Static Precipitator

Dry and wet scrubber

Thermal oxidation systems

Catalytic oxidizers

Gas Phase Activated carbon adsorption

Noise Pollution Control


  • Silencer
  • Unit Silencers
  • Engine Silencer
  • Quiet Duct Silencer
  • Sinto FM Muffler

Noise-Proof Cover (Noise-Proof Chamber)

  • Acoustic Enclosure
  • Noise Shield Louver

Sound-Absorbing Material (Panel)

  • Ceramic Sound Absorber (Cerasone(R))
  • Aluminum Fiber Sound Absorber (NGK POAL)
  • Varitone Panel
  • Moduline Panel

Sound Insulation Plate

  • Noise & Vibration Control Panel

Vibration Controls

Air Spring

  • Devices for Vibration Isolation
  • Air Spring Vibration Isolator

Vibration Isolating Spring

  • OS Vibroisolator
  • Active Air Servo Vibration Control System (AAS)

Flexible Joint

  • High-Speed Loom Vibration Isolator


Odor Pollution control

Source of Odor
  • Industrial plant
  • Incinerators for solid waste processing
  • Industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants
  • Livestock Farms

Odor Control Methods

  • Emission Control
  • Odor modification
  • Adsorption
  • Wet scrubbing or gas washing oxidation
  • Incineration
  • Non- thermal plasma method
  • Ozone or radical injection
  • Electrochemical method
  • Biological method
Sl No Odor control Method Ammonia (NH3) Trimethyl amine [(CH3)3N] Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Methyl mercaptan (CH3SH) Dimethyl sulfide [(CH3)2S] Dimethyl Disulfide [(CH3)2S2] Acetaldehyde (CH3CHO)
1 Adsorption A A A A A A A
2 Acid & alkali scrubbing A A A B C C C
3 NaCLO scrubbing A A A B A A A
4 Direct incineration A A A A A A A
5 Catalytic Incineration A A A A A A A
6 Ozone or Plasma Method A A A B B B A
7 Electrochemical method A B A B B B B
8 Biological Method A A A A A A A
Note : A=Highly effective; B=Somewhat effective; C=ineffective