Water And Waste Water Management/Solutions

Environ India Water & Waste water solutions provides end-to-end solutions in water treatment, wastewater treatment, effluent recycle and zero liquid discharge solutions to customers, consultants and OEMs. The domain expertise & experience gathered over past one decade gives us edge over competition so as to provide tailor made complete solutions to various industries, commercial, rural, hospitality, defense establishments and the urban sector in order to help them reduce, reuse or recycle water & waste water / effluent so as to have zero liquid discharge.
These systems are provided on both turnkey/EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) for large capacities and a standardized product range for smaller capacities.

Water, waste-based secondary materials and energy are essential for the vitality of human activities.

  • We provide expert water optimization services in water networks, engineering, equipment, operation and maintenance. We pioneer advanced solutions through waste water recycling
  • We ensure waste collection and disposal and promote waste recovery to generate renewable waste based energy and secondary raw materials.
  • We offer innovative solutions in consulting for the sustainable urban development

Our 4 expertise


Recycling and waste recovery

Water treatment solutions


Water Treatment

Ingenious ways of treating waste water is fast emerging as the key solution for meeting the ever-increasing demands of water consumption and conservation. Environ Indiais adept at all aspects of wastewater treatment management from design and construction of industrial wastewater treatment facilities to comprehensive retrofit, repair, and operations and maintenance services.

Our solutions focus on specific client needs. Unlike some firms, we are not locked into a set technology or approach. We identify the best technology and customize options to address individual client wastewater needs.

Water filtration for tertiary treatment

Environ India offers installation, operation and maintenance of filters that are highly appreciated in the industry for their renowned characteristics and cost efficiency. We perform a series of quality tests on the entire range before approving for final delivery. Thus, these filters are known for their quality and performance.

Types of Filters

  • Carbon Filter

    Used to remove contaminants and impurities, using chemical adsorption.

  • Pressure Sand Filter

    To remove suspended solids from water.

  • Media Filter

    To remove specific minerals or dissolved chemicals as per requirement.

  • Iron removal

    Iron removal plants can be based on different filtration media, depending on the iron and manganese concentration, the oxygen level, CO2 content and hardness of the water.

  • Garnet

    It is a naturally hard and HIGH DENSITY filter material used in multi–media water filtration systems. Garnet is recommended as a support bed for other materials such as sand, anthracite, etc.

Water Treatment

Environ India has successfully installed, operated and maintained a wide range of softening plants with versatility in flow, flexibility in resin quantities and ease in operation. Water softening is the act of exchanging dissolved calcium, magnesium (hardness ions) in water with sodium molecules with resin as the exchanging media.

Reverse Osmosis

Environ India has installed, operated and maintained RO plants in differing sizes for various types of raw water such as sewage and industrial effluent. Major attention is paid to economic factors such as chemical consumption, energy recovery, membrane durability and process automation. Reverse osmosis is a well-tried and tested technology for the production of desalinated water for use as both drinking and industrial process water.

Portable Reverse Osmosis System

We install reverse osmosis system to fulfill all the requirements of water purifying at home and residence

Advanced Reverse Osmosis System

We are a trusted name in installing, operating and maintaining Reserve Osmosis (RO) System equipments. They are extensively made using quality raw materials procured from authentic vendors. We are using advanced membrane technology in our ROs to allow water to pass through a semi permeable of 0.0001 micron gauge.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

We offer to install, operate and maintain quality Industry Reverse Osmosis where water is demineralized using a semi permeable membrane at high pressure. They are equipped with spiral wound membranes in high pressure containers.

Water Recycle & Reuse management planning

We are Environmental Conservation Company and we believe in “Recycle - Reuse – Recover - Reduce” of Water. We at Environ India are determined to tap and use any opportunity that can be used towards Water processing and purification. Environ India was born out of the desire of being environment friendly, through Water Processing and its Recycle - Reuse - Recover - Reduce.

  • Agriculture
  • Landscape
  • Public parks
  • Golf course irrigation
  • Cooling water for power plants and oil refineries
  • Processing water for mills, plants
  • Toilet flushing
  • Dust control
  • Construction activities
  • Concrete mixing
  • Artificial lakes

Ion Exchanger/ Demineralization

Demineralization is the process by which total dissolved solids (TDS) present in water are removed effectively.

Solids Handling/ Dewatering

We are offering high pressure technology and high pressure cleaning, sludge dewatering, drying of sewage sludge and materials handling. In the chemistry sector we offer flocculants, coagulant and special chemicals for waste water treatment.

Chemical Feed Systems

Environ India offers installation of comprehensive, cost effective Chemical Feed Systems that ensure regulatory compliance and long-term peace of mind.
Our engineering team can customize a water treatment system to suit your specific needs. With growing Environmental issues, the Systems/Technologies are constantly evolving and we keep on identifying the emerging technologies and developments within the Industry.

Systems offered by us are acknowledged for the following advantages:

Specialized Water Treatment Systems - ADVANTAGES
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Dual modes of operation available [Batch or Continuous]
  • No Thermal Degradation of feed solution
  • Phase change of feed solution not required

Storm and Roof water treatment

The storm water design at Environ India consisted of a series or green roofs to catch the rain, and a siphonic roof drain system. Our main aim is to allow for maximum infiltration reducing the containments introduced to the storm water system.

Boiler & Cooling water Treatment

Environ India has developed and expanded its significant special knowledge in a large number of areas dealing with industrial wastewater and Boiler & cooling water treatment. Our technically advanced Boiler Water Treatment have been scientifically formulated to improve the operation and maintenance of boiler water treatment systems and steam generation plant by managing the problems associated with the use of water including scale formation, metallic corrosion, boiler water carryover and sludge deposition.

Spare Parts & Chemicals

Our Company offers a comprehensive range of Chemicals & Spares, which are used in various types of Water Treatment Plants and Sewage Treatment Plants. These Chemicals and Spares are reliable, durable and available at industry leading prices to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers.


We Environ India use chemical disinfection method that uses various types of chlorine or chlorine-containing substances for the oxidation and disinfection of what will be the potable water source. Along with other water treatment processes such as coagulation, sedimentation, and filtration, chlorination creates water that is safe for public consumption.

Hydro Pneumatic Water Supply Scheme

Environ India is involves in offering Hydro pneumatic Systems panel inclusive of dedicated pumping controller, a complete set including suction and discharge common variable frequency drive, circuit breakers, fuses and other manifolds, non-return valves, isolating valves, pressure necessary electrical components for Manual and Auto transmitter, and pressure gauge of suitable range on the operation discharge side, float switch for the suction tank and control.

Waste Water Treatment Process

Environ India is a Environment engineering firm which provides specialized services in water and wastewater treatment process design, and plant operations. Our unique company focus, together with the dedication and commitment of our staff, distinguishes us from other firms offering services in this field. Design engineers maintain certification as water and wastewater treatment plant operators, adding an operational perspective to each job, whether it involves an existing plant audit or new plant design. In-house laboratory bench scale or on-site pilot facilities are also offered to investigate the treatability of water and wastewater, with professional evaluation of results. Flow monitoring and process sampling are conducted to characterize hydraulic and organic loads.

We Environ India have experience in operating a variety of Aerobic Biological Treatment systems, including technologies such as SBR, MBR, MBBR, ASP, etc. Knowledge of process chemistry with microbiology and biochemistry allows our team to successfully troubleshoot commonly encountered problems in each type of treatment system.

Activated Sludge Process (ASP)

We Environ India provide higher organic removal efficiency ASP treatment plants with High Efficiency Slow speed surface aerators and Diffusers for various applications and highly Efficient Clarifier Mechanism for sludge recycling.

Sequencing Batch Reactor

Environ India has realized various SBR plants for all the aforementioned applications. As opposed to the conventional activated sludge process in which wastewater treatment takes place in various, linearly arranged tanks, the SBR process (Sequencing Batch Reactor) occurs sequentially in the same tank. The resulting typical process step sequence is as follows

  • Filling and mixing or aeration
  • Aeration
  • Sedimentation
  • Withdrawal of the treated water

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Technology

Fluidized Bio-Reactor (FBR)

Membrane Bio Reactor Technology

Anaerobic Biological Treatment

Physico-Chemical Treatment

For achieving high water quality, Physico-Chemical treatment plays an important role in water and wastewater treatment.

Environ India provides combination of Physico-Chemical treatment:


Environ India screening equipment has been used for liquid/solid separation in the meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, and pulp & paper industries.

Environ India operates with an in-house sales force and an international network of representatives to ensure that clients are offered the most efficient and economical screening solutions.

Clarification / Thickening

Flotation Unit is a clarification process whereby the removal of suspended solids is achieved by the introduction of tiny air bubbles, which adhere to the suspended floc and float it to the surface, forming a layer which can be removed by a skimmer. Environ India has applied DAF to the treatment of oily wastewater, lagoon effluent, activated sludge effluents, power plant water.

Environ India has successfully implemented several water treatment plants and in many cases the cost savings have enabled the projects to proceed where conventional technology was considered to be cost prohibitive.


Environ India personnel have the unique benefit of skills in precipitation that result from technology transfer from the inventors of the most advanced and successful technologies in this area.

Environ India is capable of providing precipitation systems as part of facilities designed, built, owned and operated by us, for a customer to own and operate. Environ India is capable of providing operational support at a variety of levels depending on customer needs. We have extensive experience in retrofitting these processes into existing facilities, and improving the performance of existing facilities through process optimization.


Environ India has utilized microfiltration in a variety of treatment applications, such as water derived from the flue gas scrubbers in waste incineration plants, process water for industrial operations and landfill seepage water as well as for advanced pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis desalination plants.

Microfiltration is employed in both the treatment of drinking water and industrial and municipal wastewater.

Ultra filtration

Environ India has employed (installation, operation and maintenance) ultra filtration plants on several occasions for water treatment. As one of the main treatment phases, the process even allows the treatment of wastewater. We have also repeatedly used ultra filtration for industrial water treatment. The cleaned water meets the strictest purity level demands, e.g. requirements for water reuse.

Ultra filtration allows the safe, high-quality conversion of differing types of raw water into drinking water. Moreover, ultra filtration is steadily gaining in importance in the wastewater treatment sector.

Nano filtration

Environ India also pursues projects in which, for example, Nano-filtration can be employed for partial water softening. A further area of Nano-filtration application in future is comprised by the elimination of Nano-particles in drinking water and the reduction of endocrine water content.

As a rule, Nano-filtration is used for industrial purposes, where it provides the high degree of purification required, e.g. for water recycling.

Preliminary and Pre-treatment Services

Waste Characterization

We Environ India have significant experience in developing water supply and wastewater facility designs and development plans to meet both the business needs of the client and the regulatory obligations imposed by current rules and regulations.

We conduct a wastewater characteristics study and analyze any effluent discharged, in accordance with the methods specified by PCB.

The scope of the work required carried out is as follows:

  • Guiding the industry on how to ensure compliance
  • Performing composite sampling at settling ponds
  • Performing in-situ measurements to estimate the volumetric flow of effluent discharge
  • Sending collected effluent samples to an accredited laboratory to ensure analysis of the composite effluent
  • Comparing the test parameters with the standard limit
  • Identifying and recommending the best method of waste treatment for those parameters which fail to comply with the requirements
  • Producing a WWCS report on behalf of the client for submission to the Board

Minimization/ Recycling Assessment

Along with minimization of wastage of water, we ENVIRON INDIA included capabilities for evaluating water recycling and reuse option. As part of that project we implemented several new unit operation/procedure models: Ion Exchange (for water demineralization) and Activated Carbon Adsorption (specific to liquid streams. Improvements were made in the membrane and granular media filtration units having in mind the requirements for modeling water purification processes.

We have evaluated water treatment and recycling options in a number of other industries, such as Pulp and Paper, Electric Utilities, Wineries, Beverage Production, as well as for municipalities.

Environmental Planning

We have completed hundreds of siting studies, feasibility studies, and environmental permitting and licensing projects for facilities around the world.
We apply our depth of experience to evaluate all the criteria that are key to ensuring successful site selection as well as cost-effective facility development and lifecycle operation.

We provide site evaluation and selection, permitting and licensing consulting services for industrial and commercial facilities including power plants, pipelines, oil and gas facilities, transmission lines, renewable energy plants and industrial plants.
Our comprehensive plans help establish “ground rules” for both public and private improvement and development. They provide guidelines by which public officials can review and evaluate private development proposals and public improvements.

Regulatory Analysis/ Negotiation

Environ India helps in obtaining range of permits and/or approvals are usually required before any work can be done on the property to ensure that the environment is not adversely affected by the project. The required permits are very site-specific, so it takes experience and judgment to determine what is expected of a project. There is often considerable subjectivity in the hands of the regulators, which makes this task a challenge. With extensive experience, Environ India determines the requirements, conducts the studies necessary to obtain those approvals, and ensures that you acquire your approvals so that your project proceeds in a timely manner.

Plant Audit and Alterative Analysis

A comprehensive study of the total water circuit aimed at enhancing the efficiency (quality and quantity) of the entire circuit, conducted by highly qualified and experienced industry experts. Environ India conducts plant audits based on the KSPCB composite correction program methodology. Audits attempt to identify both the process limitations and the optimum operation of a plant. Once these factors have been identified, the goal of implementation is to optimize plant utilization by improving plant performance with minimal investment.

A detailed report with detailed recommendations for optimum water management is submitted at the end of the study.

Technology/ Process/ Performance Evaluation and development

Pilot Plant Development and Demonstration Units

Environ India continually maintains and operates the pilot plant in the most efficient, cost-effective treatment systems to our customers. The pilot plant development and demonstration units, we have the resources to determine the best way to handle the needs of Customer’s wastewater, wastes.

Environ India has over 10years of experience in operation and maintenance of pilot plant and demonstration units, from bench-scale to larger units, which are utilized for treatment performance, process optimization and operations training.

Pilot Plants Can

  • Provide detailed process design data for civil/mechanical works
  • Detail effluent quality and repeatability for regulatory officials
  • Compare treatment efficiencies between similar, but competing technologies
  • Produce recovered products that can be evaluated in the industrial process; and
  • Provide costing information on equipment, chemicals and recovered products

Environmental System Optimization

Environ India, a strategy and technology consulting firm, provide the strategic vision to improve environmental systems. We have deep professional experience addressing a variety of environmental issues for various organizations. We draw from a pool of talented professionals- including junior-, middle- and senior- level biologists chemists, ecologists, engineers, geologists, hydrologists and information technology experts holding bachelors and masters degree – who tailor solutions according to every to the unique needs and challenges of our clients. In addition to applying professional expertise to every assignment using leading-edge software tools to assist in the optimization process.

ESO Methodology and Process

ESOs are generally associated with the optimization of remedial systems and monitoring programs. The benefits of ESO include:

  • Ensuring the protectiveness of systems.
  • Re-evaluating cleanup goals with the most recent information.
  • Tracking and reporting progress.
  • Reducing operating and monitoring costs of systems

Trouble Shooting and Field Cleaning

With over 10 years experience in the fields of environmental consultancy, troubleshooting and problem solving, we have the ability to draw on our extensive knowledge to provide you with an outcome that fulfils/exceeds the initial requirements.

Trouble Shooting

Our integrated services cover every aspect of water treatment plant’s performance and give you a complete package of benefits.

  • Identifying and preventing problems before they occur
  • Suggesting measures to enhance efficiency, save on capital costs & reduce operating costs
  • Eliminating the expense & hassles of in-house supervision, manpower and maintenance
  • Modifying plants to improve efficiency & handle changes in influent quality, capacity & treated quality
  • Troubleshooting problems & tackling emergencies to eliminate downtime
  • Genuine spares and quality consumables you can rely on

Environ India performs Field Cleanups. This work entails the cleanup, neutralization and packaging of hazardous materials from activities associated with the production Industries.

Operation and maintenance:

We are committed to providing our customers with top-quality service on a day-to-day basis.

We operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants, whether or not we built them, to enable municipalities to optimize their production costs associated with water and wastewater treatment, to ensure effective management of their assets, to respect the standards and regulations in effect for health safety, the environment and quality.

We provide our customers the services benefits and operational managements- not only from the distance to closely monitor the plant performance data on day to day basis but also undertake comprehensive and non-comprehensive Operational Contract to operate & maintain the plant on a long term basis.

Equipment Delivery and Inventory Services

Environ India has extensive experience providing emission inventory services which include calculating, reporting criteria pollutant, toxic chemical, and greenhouse gas emissions helping to promote better water, air &hazard management and sustainable ship recycling.

Environ India recognizes the importance of thorough, accurate, and well-documented inventory services, and understands the crucial role they play in your environmental compliance demonstration, emission fees, emissions trading, and community-right-know programs and reports.


  1. Service/O&M contracts
    • Annual maintenance contracts (AMC)
    • O&M
    • On call services
    • Boiler & cooling water treatment programs
    • Consultancy & surveys
  2. Equipment modification
    • Up gradation
    • Automation
  3. RO service & monitoring
    • Membranes
    • Antiscalant
    • Cleaning chemicals
    • Micron cartridges
    • Membrane cleaning & replacement
    • High pressure pump servicing

Process Design Services

Conceptual Design

Environ India understands the value of our natural environment and the need to minimize impacts from society and industry. Our skilled engineers and project specialists provide comprehensive environmental management services that meet client business and operational lifecycle needs for feasibility, impact analysis, and operational compliance as well as remediation, restoration and reuse of impacted property. Our major practices integrate sustainability elements in our service delivery, yet we also provide sustainable development program-wide solutions for major environmental challenges.

Process Design

Environ India’s experienced and capable team of engineers and technologists can undertake any problem related to liquid waste treatment, including treatment process design work for both industrial and municipal effluents, taking a project from initial conceptual stages and providing guidance to those implementing the process design and construction phase. Environ India has been involved in a number of national and international projects to finalize implementation of industrial treatment plants, including necessary arrangements for equipment supply, detailed engineering, tendering and financing.

The following list of services available to support our clients:

  • In-plant sewer sampling and flow measurement to characterize waste loadings
  • Identification of water to materials conservation, re-use, and segregation schemes to reduce discharges
  • Conceptual design of alternate treatment systems
  • Laboratory treatability studies to evaluate alternate treatment processes and select the optimum process design parameters
  • On-site pilot plant studies to confirm the process design under actual conditions
  • Laboratory and pilot evaluations of associated sludge by-products
  • English language logic steps for control systemsPreparation of system operating manuals
  • Project management; and
  • Start-up and de-bugging of the treatment systems

Detailed Design

Environ India provides comprehensive, integrated solutions to diverse industries from automotive and textile, pharma and electronics, food and beverage, to power stations, refineries, fertilizer and steel plants.

Our solutions add value across the entire water circuit – on supply, quantity, quality and discharge fronts. They effectively address the water and environmental concerns of customers by incorporating water conservation, pollution control, energy saving, reduced chemical consumption, solid waste management through waste to energy projects, and air protection. Additionally, our specialty high performance process chemicals enhance process efficiency and value.

Project Procurement

We specialize in developing the appropriate commercial approach for procurement and can be your single point of contact for procurement delivery. We have expertise and experience in bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to deliver the complete procurement cycle. Our focus is on delivering procurement outcomes that engage industry in the most effective way and deliver a contract outcome that satisfies our client objectives.

Our expertise in procurement solutions includes:

  • Procurement strategy development
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) campaigns
  • Tender invitation and assessment
  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
  • Preparation of tender and contract documentation
  • Tender administration
  • Tender evaluation
  • Client representation and contract negotiation

Contractor/ Vendor Evaluation

Environ India will help you define the problem and develop solutions that are protective, in compliance with environmental regulations, and cost effective. We specialize in different areas such as permitting, design and engineering, construction, sampling and testing, waste management, due diligence, abatement, and cleanup. Our skills, experience, and track records vary widely. Hiring an appropriate and qualified company is crucial in developing solutions.

Environ India will often subcontract with environmental contractors, law firms, laboratories, and manufacturers, depending on your project needs. Commonly, we ensure that all of your needs are managed by one company.

Environ India was incorporated in 2004 to provide professional quality environmental consulting services. Over the past ten years, Environ India has grown annually in professional personnel and project volume based upon our high standard of client service and a commitment to excellence in management and products. Environ India provides environmental consulting, management, site assessments, remediation design and implementation, and field services to a wide variety of clients. Our personnel are committed to providing prompt and professional environmental services.

Cost Estimation/ Budgets

As an environmental consultancy, Environ India have been involved in environmental permitting in the Bangalore for 10 years. Over the years we have been through several downturns in the economy and changes in administrations. In all of these situations, we have heard the doomsday predictions for the future state of the environment. There has never been a significant lessening of environmental regulations during tough economic times.

Environ India develops environmental operations budgets and closure/decommissioning cost estimates for Upstream and Downstream operations. Environmental operations budgets are typically developed for annual or five-year operations plans to estimate total costs and profit. Impacts, cost estimates for operations close out (reclamation/decommissioning) are typically required to determine total life cycle costs of a project. These budgets and estimates are needed by the company to estimate profitability based on a certain commodity value.

Project Scheduling

At Environ India, each schedule becomes a custom-designed plan tailored to fit the individualized features of each project as well as the capabilities and resources of each project’s owner, developer, contractor, and construction manager.

Our scheduling professionals can

  • Establish a realistic period of performance using normal, fast-track, or multiphase techniques
  • Identify long-lead and schedule-sensitive materials and equipment
  • Develop a project master schedule delineating contractor’s performance obligations
  • Prepare the initial as-planned baseline schedule
  • Update schedules, monitor performance and perform progress reports
  • Pinpoint potential and actual problem areas and suggest effective solutions
  • Determine the impact of delays caused by the late delivery of materials, design changes, abnormal weather, strikes, or other unforeseen factors
  • Recommend and negotiate time extensions where justified

Project Management

Environ India work on planning, design, and execution of site remediation and facilities engineering environmental projects. It helps develop construction drawing, technical specifications, and contract documents for site-civil, geotechnical, and waste management projects. This involves earthwork, utilities, soil, and sediment remediation technologies, as well as land disposal facilities and construction oversight.

Environ India assist clients in developing strategies and planning designs for facilities. They evaluate field data, perform calculations, and prepare engineering reports for meetings. We are responsible for providing field exploration support for design parameter development, and they work during construction to oversee construction quality assurance. Environ India provide general engineering support on environmental projects related to performed assurance, conformity, and transactional services.

Water and Waste Water Pretreatment Services

Plant Audits

Environ India conducts plant audits based on the KSPCB composite correction program methodology. Audits attempt to identify both the process limitations and the optimum operation of a plant. Once these factors have been identified, the goal of implementation is to optimize plant utilization by improving plant performance with minimal investment. In many cases significant performance enhancements can be achieved and upgrading costs can be reduced.

Membrane autopsies

Environ India is a specialty water technology company which provides expert services through the use of high-tech laboratory facilities, innovative technology, pilot plant studies, consulting services and professional training. Environ India has performed over 100 membrane autopsies for many water, wastewater and desalination plants. The services offered by Environ India are well respected in industry. Environ India model is to continue to offer a high level of service to industry and to offer more services related to the operation of advanced water treatment plants.

We provide a detailed report with the following features

  • Detailed photographic evidence of membrane condition
  • A detailed review of the existing plant data including feed water, system characteristics and operating data
  • Extensive documentation of the results of the various autopsy procedures
  • The autopsy and report are performed quickly after removal from the plant
  • Conclusions reflect both the autopsy outcomes and the operating data provided on the plant, with the aim of providing evidence to support the diagnosis. We provide recommendations on changes to cleaning, pre-treatment or operation to mitigate the problem identified in the autopsy.

Field Cleanings

Environ India is an independent engineering and consultancy company in the industrial cleaning sector. With over ten years’ experience, our knowledge of the washing industry is unparalleled. Our consultants advise on a wide range of topics in the field of industrial cleaning: from technology to quality, from microbiology to environmental. We have also developed, in recent years, several useful items of equipment, we offer specialized industry training and we do tailored research to order as well.

Pretreatment, Optimization Service, Water Analysis

Pretreatment Development and Management services

Environ India has helped our clients develop pretreatment programs in order for them to stay in compliance. We have also written and/or reviewed dozens of industrial discharge permits for categorical users. As well we have inspected many and varied industrial pretreatment processes for our clients. We have helped municipalities with the establishment and enforcement of local discharge sewer limits and serves the below services:

  • Discharge Permits
  • SWPPP (Storm water Pollution Prevention Plans) approval
  • Compliance Inspections and Monitoring
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Local Limits Development
  • Slug Plans and Review
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Pretreatment Development and Management
  • MSDS Training

Optimization Service

Environ India has wide experience of assessment of capacities and operational optimization at existing wastewater treatment plants. Our services include dimensioning and design of new wastewater treatment plants as well as extension and up-grading of existing plants. We are among the leading consultants with regard to in-depth knowledge of the latest development in treatment technologies and advanced control systems.

Water Analysis

We Environ India offer various environmental testing and Water testing services in market under the standards set by various regulatory bodies. Clean air & water, controlled emission and safe waste disposal have been our prime concern. Waste water from different industries represent a significant pressure on the environment and treatment is normally required before discharge. The indicator assesses the proportion of wastewater that undergoes different (primary, secondary and tertiary) levels of treatment. It includes the volume of wastewater treated at public wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants and by independent wastewater treatment systems.