E-Waste Management

Environ India partners with local and global business in the responsible reuse and recycling of end of life electronics and electronic equipment’s we provide environmentally best available Technology in accordance to guidelines issued by Central Pollution Control Board.

We provide cradle to Grave concept in establishing electronic waste management facility.

Our worldwide network has provided technical advisory services in establishing more than 100 e-waste recycling facility across global.

Our all-inclusive integrated turnkey technical advisory services loving us to provide customised program and solution which identifying environmental suited best site.

Designing and developing process required for scientific scientifically proven technique and Technology for e-waste dismantling refurbishing recycling and recovery.

Techno legal advisory in obtaining required permits from local state and national pollution control board as well as from site specific urban local bodies local body approvals light consent under air and water act hazardous waste act e-waste act extended producer responsibility from central pollution control board export and import permit for to and for of virgin electrical and electronic equipment and for e-waste.