Hazard & Solid Waste Assessments

Environ India provides non-hazardous and hazardous waste disposal solutions to research facilities and a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and many others. Expertise, combined with an innovative, service-oriented management culture, help make us the industry leader in providing wide-ranging waste management services. This variety of services and solutions allows customers to choose the most appropriate treatment/disposal solution for the waste they generate and the opportunity to redirect certain wastes to more economical and environmentally beneficial applications.

Environ India can offer technology for management of non-hazardous/Hazardous industrial waste, through an economically feasible and environment-friendly method. Its technology and techniques offer the additional advantage of energy/material recovery.

With more than a decade experience, environ India has delivered project management consultancy in designing, technology offering, operation of more than hundred waste management companies thought out India which includes E waste, Discarded barrel reconditioning units, asset management, lead recycling industry, heavy metals & nonferrous waste recovery and recycling industry, waste solvent recovery units, common effluent treatment and common hazardous chemical waste incinerators.

Environ India was founded to provide professional, high quality services that allow facilities to be certain about their regulatory compliance. We’ve seen the amazing technology and met the hardworking personnel who make companies successful, and are keenly aware of the balance between regulatory compliance and economic sustainability. The only way we know how to operate is with professionalism, integrity, and high quality. We do what we say we will do, when it’s due. Always have, always will.


Hazardous waste compliance audits

We can conduct a comprehensive audit that will identify any existing or potential violations or issues, and suggest options for correcting the problem. We are often able to identify issues that facility managers are unaware of. Many facilities find it beneficial to have an independent audit to evaluate compliance on a periodic basis. Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of experienced eyes to identify issues. We conduct inspections the same way government agencies do, with a focus on regulatory compliance. We also conduct 3rd party audits of potential vendors, waste management facilities, or other sites of interest. All audits include a thorough review of existing government records, photographic documentation of issues, and a written report with recommendations and options for corrective actions. When you need to be sure about compliance, we have the training, knowledge and experience to help.

Waste Determinations and management

The most commonly cited violation is for the lack of a proper hazardous waste determination. Unfortunately, if hazardous waste is not properly identified and managed, violations can snowball. It could be “orphan” drums of unknown content, or a new waste generated from a new process. We know when a sample is required, and when a sample is a waste of time and money. We know the proper way to sample, we know which tests to run, and we know how to interpret the results. We know HW.

Personnel training

Avoid common violations related to personnel training. We are specialists in providing training that complies with all applicable regulations. On-line training and off-site seminars often don’t include all the elements of required training, especially related to site-specific emergency and waste management procedures. And the training session is only the start. If you think a sign-in sheet or Certificate of Completion is all the documentation you need, we should talk. Make sure all applicable facility personnel have the training they need to prevent other regulatory problems and limit risk. Poor training often leads to other problems. We come to you and provide custom, site-specific training and documentation for individuals and group.

Enforcement action and regulatory assistance

Violations happen. We have extensive experience with regulatory agency enforcement actions and the administrative law process, and can assist with negotiations and settlements. When you need to get it right, you can rely on our experience, knowledge and relationships to help.

Management plan development and implementation

Not sure where to start? We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We know the most common violations and how to avoid them. We know where you can save money, and where you shouldn’t even try. We can develop a comprehensive program with practical procedures and required documentation. Want to know what government inspectors are looking for? Let us show you.

Contingency Plan review and development

It seems like every government regulation requires emergency planning. HW Act is no different. Make sure your emergency plan includes all the elements necessary to meet HWM act requirements. We have templates that assure all regulatory requirements are met, or can integrate HWM & TH requirements into existing facility documents.

Transportation & Disposal
Responsible and compliant solutions for virtually any hazardous waste.
Retail Services
Hazardous waste solutions for retailers of all sizes.
Emergency Response
Fast, compliant response for spills, leaks, and natural disasters.
Mailback Recycling
Convenient and compliant hazardous waste removal.
Industrial Services
Responsible, flexible and cost effective offerings.
Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
Safe and compliant disposal of pharmaceutical waste.
Healthcare Services
Tailored offerings for healthcare hazardous waste disposal.
Sustainability Services
Environmentally responsible solutions for any industry.
Technical Services
Comprehensive solutions, from lab packs, to decontamination to lab auditing.
Reporting & Consulting
Helping customers achieve complete compliance in evolving industries.
Rescue Services
Specialized personnel and equipment to perform confined space rescue services.
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Best-in-class remediation services to keep you safe and compliant.